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I recently wrote a book, The Man Who Moved The Nation, that tells my personal journey of losing my father to lung cancer. I wrote the book a year after my Dad died. Writing this book was the beginning of me feeling better. Grief is messy, hard and all things uncomfortable. I hope the book might resonate with others who have lost their loved one to cancer and those dealing with grief may find solace and know they will get through it.


Besides my book, I’m on a mission to help beauty business owners turn their struggling business into boom beauty business and get of that awful revenue rollercoaster. After 6 years back in the beauty industry I understand where business owners in this industry are at. They pain they are in, the sense of under-valuing their worth and therefore charging less than they are worth – but I also know it doesn’t have to be that way!   If you would like to talk to me more about this I’d love to hear from you.


Outside of that, along side my business partner Kathy Farrell, I own Wax It Lounge in Killincarrig, Greystones. I founded Wax It in 2012. After leaving my corporate job to build a life that lended me the freedom to go after the type of life I really wanted. A life of flexibility doing something I love, that has endless revenue earning potential and a world where I can be me entirely – no more suits for me!


Today you’ll probably find me speaking on stages, looking after my clients and also working with really amazing trail blazing entrepreneurs who I like to say are building beauty businesses with my help!


If you’d like me to speak at your event, talk to me about building your booming beauty business or any other fabulous reason drop me a line and let’s chat!


Lisa x

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