Hi There, I’m Lisa!

My focus is on working with women, mothers and mothers-to-be, specifically.


Navigating tricky transitions like the emotional terrain of a pregnancy, going from solo woman to busy mom, or mum building a business or navigating a career or the decision to work at home.

After building a 6-figure business in the beauty industry and working 1:1 with women in such an intimate setting, in 2019 I decided to professionally train as coach.

I began running women in business workshops and 1:1 coaching support. I absolutely loved it!

And to be perfectly honest, that was both the end and the beginning……That was when pivotal moment number 1 happened…..

Pivot Number One

I sold my salon the following year 2019, not long after writing and publishing a memoir about the death of my father, and I then focussed solely on my coaching.

Helping women become aware of, understand and move forward through the personal blocks that were holding them back.


Then pivot number 2 happened!

Pivot Number Two

I became pregnant with my first baby in a pandemic.

I became pregnant with my first baby in a pandemic. I didn’t find being pregnant easy and I could see there was some societal messages out there that I didn’t agree it. It led me to embark on studies in the sociology of motherhood. It was game changing.


And so I did….…and it changed the trajectory of my motherhood experience….

 Understanding the social context of motherhood, the world and environment I was about to enter and some of the unique challenges I might face because of my role as a mother, not only helped equip with me, but ignited a flame inside of me to help support women through the unique challenges some mothers face so that they can move forward to live happier more fulfilling and more abundant lives.


Knowledge is power, choice is freedom.

“Nothing makes me happier than to see others succeed, in whatever success looks like to them and if I can be a part of that, my heart is smiling!”


A Little About Me.

Mother to my little Charlee

The Sociology of Motherhood Informed

Built a six figure waxing business.

Author of 1# best seller – The Man Who Moved the Nation.

Favourite place to be is Los Angeles

Addicted to sea swimming!

Very average guitar player but love to get it out for a singsong.

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